Supra is a true collaboration amongst many incredible people who have become a family. The creative director – who brought the concept and design to life. The partners – a highly curated, diverse and international group of innovators, tastemakers and entrepreneurs who infused it with the energy it needed to grow. The chef and mixologist who created menus that would take us on a journey around the world. The artists and artisans – who helped tell the story and elevate the experience. The team – who have worked tirelessly to bring the project to life. The staff – who are here to happily tend to everyone. And most of all the founders – who took a chance on an empty medical office rooftop to fulfill a dream of building a beautiful social space high above their beloved home of Mexico City.


Through visual inspiration, we provoke thought and conversation. 

Carlito Dalceggio: Garage mural

Carlito Dalceggio weaves nature and culture into his own effervescent mythology of the now, textured with symbols, folklores and philosophies from all over the world. His nomadic creations spring to life on painted tarps, sculptures, videos, installations or public art murals, with strikingly poetic layers calling for the liberation of the mind. Carlito is a relentless advocate for the democratization of art and spirituality. 

Paolo Montiel

Paolo Montiel is a visionary light artist whose bold geometric abstractions have touched the minds of many. He seeks to recalibrate the relationship between technology and nature, employing the former to unveil and complement the beauty of the latter. Through digital programming, Paolo develops large scale permanent art and architecture projects in Latin America. 

HYBYCOZO: Geometric Stairwell Light

he Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone project elegantly navigates the intersection between math, science, technology and material. California based artists Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu explore geometrical boundaries through light, shadow and perception. Their installations can be found throughout the United States and the Middle East.

Diana Garcia: Guardian Sculpture

Diana Garcia embodies a mentality we share and revere: be what you dream. Her animal guardians wander across street art and sculptures in North America and Europe. They mirror our human potential and the talent, passion and uniqueness present in our inner selves. Diana’s projects, whether in Paris, Mexico City, Miami or Oxford, are empowering and socially engaged. 


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Mon: Closed

Tu – Fri: 13.00  –  01.00

Sat – Sun: 11.00 – 01.00


Reservation needed. Tables held for 15 minutes only from reservation time. 


+52 55 3270 4367


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